Highslide JS 
2nd October, 2005 - Robert and Cathy's Wedding Luncheon at The Ship Hotel, Weybridge. The actual marriage was conducted in City Hall, New York, on 23rd September, 2004, with one witness!
Left to right: Richard Myers, Avril Myers, Cathy Gibbons, Robert Nissim, Martin Nissim, Siraporn Sihanantavong, Merrily Harpur, Terry Badham, Pris Badham, Francesca Nissim, John Harpur, Cicely Nissim, Danny Nissim
  Note: more information will be added in the next few months.
  • Cicely Elizabeth passes away peacefully on the Tuesday 4th February in New York.

  • 2014  arrow line arrow  Age 93  
  • Moves back to New York with Robert and Cathy  Highslide JS
    Robert and Cicely board a British Airways plane to New York on July 11, 2013. Cicely was somewhat reluctant to leave her very cozy flat in Weybridge, to which she had become so accustomed, but Robert was able to persuade her it was all for the best.
  • 2013    line arrow  Age 92  
        2012    line      
        2011    line arrow  Age 90  
        2010    line      
        2009    line      
        2008    line arrow  Age 87
  • Grandson Luca is born
    Highslide JS 
    Luca was born on April 15, 2008. See more pictres of Cicely with Luca: Highslide JS
    Here is Cicely with Luca at 3 and 1/2 months<
    Highslide JS
    Cicely feeding Luca at Forest Hill
  •     2007  arrow line      
        2006    line    
  • Martin and Tom get married
    Highslide JS 
    9th September, 2006 - Martin Nissim and Siraporn Sihanantavong get married in Weybridge
    Left to right: ?, Terry Badham, ? Priscilla Badham, James Harpur, Cicely Nissim, Martin Nissim, Siraporn 'Tom' Sihanantavong, S's father, Marian Myers Petzoldt, Merrily Harpur, John Harpur, Patrick Harpur, Danny Nissim, Avril Myers, Hans Petzoldt, Richard Myers, Tom's friends, Maureen Nissim, Robert Nissim
  • Moves to 8A Castleview Rd, Weybridge, Surrey
  • 2005    line    
    Highslide JS 
    6th January, 2008 - At 87, Cicely loved to go for long walks by the river in Weybridge
      2004    line    
  • Robert and Cathy get married
  •     2003  arrow line      
  • Trip to England for 2 and 1/2 weeks
  • 2002    line      
  • Visits Paris for 5 days  Highslide JS
    May 31 - Cicely and Martin go to Paris, and visit Cousing Jean in a retirement home, the lake in front of Beau Site, and Doreen Bo Jorgensen. Doreen was a Saffron Walden friend of Cicely's who passed away in 2003.
  • 2001    line arrow  Age 80 Highslide JS 
    At 80, Cicely is still youthful and energetic
        2000    line    
        1999  arrow line    
        1998    line     Highslide JS 
    September 2, 1999. Gananoque, Canada. 1000 Island Tour with Marian and Hans.
      She is part of a group (as yet unidentified) Highslide JS
    Possibly a Samaritans retreat
    1997    line    
        1996    line arrow  Age 75  
        1995  arrow line    
  • Brother John dies, age 79 and 1/2
  • Sister Joyce dies, age 77
  •     1994    line    
        1993    line      
        1992    line      
        1991  arrow line arrow  Age 70  
        1990    line     Highslide JS    
    Circa 1990. Richard Myers, John Myers, Gene Bremner, Marian Myers, Martin Nissim, Joyce Harpur, Cicely Nissim. Hysterical laughter was one of Cicely's contageous traits. This diary extract confirms it was an early habit 1936 Diary extract
    1936 Diary. Cicely has just returned from the Saffron Walden school
        1989    line    
        1988    line    
        1987  arrow line      
  • Elizabeth and Isabella start "English Together" class  Highslide JS  
    In 1986, Isabella Ferrari and Elizabeth Nissim, helped by Costanza Ferrari, started and English conversation class called "English Together", where English was spoken, accompanied by tea and cakes. One of the participants, Filippo Culcasi, started a magazine written in English, full of useful information, interesting anecdotes and good humor.
    You can view the 10th Anniversary edition here: Highslide JS
    Page 1
    Highslide JS
    Page 2
    Highslide JS
    Page 3
    Highslide JS
    Page 4
    Highslide JS
    "English Together" Conversation Class - Ela Dragone, Cicely, Isabella Ferrari, Fernanda
  • 1986  arrow line arrow  Age 65  
      1985    line     Highslide JS    
    1985 - Cicely at Via Dehon with her beloved view of Saint Peter's dome in the background
      1984    line    
  • Elizabeth joins the Rome Samaritans  Highslide JS
    Elizabeth joined the Samaritans in the early 1980s, and was caring and supportive of both the callers and the fellow volunteers. Some of her colleagues were Marguerite Walters (co-founder ) Jill Cucco, Caroline Montaldi, Isabelle Patterson, Maggie Rizzo, Angela Saldanha, Gabrielle, Eddie.
  • 1983  arrow line    
  • Elizabeth speaks in Church  Highslide JS
    For many years, Cicely was a member of the Ponte Sant'Angelo Church in Rome, and made many friends there, including Lili Pallini, Jenny Smith, Anne Chaplin, Cyril Groom, Jonna Detweiler, and Sonia Carrozzo. In June 1983 she was asked to do the readings during the service. Here is a copy of the program with her personal comment on the back! Highslide JS
    June 12, 1983 - Sunday Service at Ponte Sant'Angelo Church
    Highslide JS
    June 12, 1983 - Sunday Service at Ponte Sant'Angelo Church
  •     line arrow    
        1982    line arrow  Age 60  
        1981    line      
        1980    line      
        1979  arrow line arrow  Age 58 Highslide JS    
    1979 - Cicely with Renzo in the background
    Highslide JS    
    1979 - Cicely examines a photo in the salone of Via Dehon
    Highslide JS    
    1979 - Cicely and Ninetta Juker at Ninetta's summer house in Lavinio. See more photos: Highslide JS
    1979 - Lavinio - Cicely, Jane Badham, Martin, Brandy (dog), Lucy Badham
    Highslide JS
    1979 - Lavinio - Cicely, Lucy, Jane, Marian, Martin
    Highslide JS
    1979 - Lavinio - Cicely, Lucy, Jane, Brandy (dog) and Ninetta's dachshund
    Highslide JS
    1979 - Lavinio - Martin, Marian, Jane, Lucy, Cicely
    Highslide JS
    1979 - Lavinio - Martin, Jane, Lucy, Brandy (dog)
    Highslide JS
    1979 - Lavinio - Marian, Jane, Martin, Cicely, Lucy
    Highslide JS
    1979 - Lavinio - Cicely, Robert, Martin
        1978    line      
        1977    line      
        1976    line      
        1975  arrow line      
        1974    line   Age 53
  • Mother dies, age 78 and 1/2
  • Cicely and Maggie go for a tour of Israel with the Harry Edwards group Highslide JS
    May 1973. Maggie and Cicely visit Israel
    Highslide JS
    May 1973. Maggie and Cicely visit Israel
  • 1973    line      
        1972    line      
        1971  arrow line arrow  Age 50  
        1970    line      
        1969    line      
  • Spends Christmas in Weybridge, Surrey   Highslide JS
    From left to right, top to bottom: Patrick Harpur, Merrily Harpur, James Harpur, John Harpur, Brian Harpur, Jack Myers, Joyce Harpur, Vera Myers, Richard Myers, Marian Myers, Maggie Myers, Cicely Nissim, Martin Nissim, Violet Reeve, Robert Nissim
  • Moves to Via del Casale di San Pio V, 12
  • Lives for 6 months in England Highslide JS
    Short holiday with Robert and Martin in Lyme Regis and other members of the family
  • 1968  arrow line      
        1967    line      
        1966    line      
  • Second son is born on 13 October 1965   Highslide JS
    Cicely feeding John Martin in Via Cardinal Pacca 25, Rome
  • 1965    line arrow  Age 44  
        1964    line      
  • Moves to Via Cardinal Pacca, 25
  • 1963  arrow line      
        1962    line      
        1961    line arrow  Age 40  
  • Visits Isabella Ferrari at Stone Harbor   icon
  • 1960    line      
  • Elizabeth travels to New York in March  Highslide JS
    Elizabeth arrives in New York on March 2, 1960.
  • line
        1959  arrow line      
  • First son is born on May 7, 1958
  • 1958  arrow line     Highslide JS    
    1959 - Italy
  • Elizabeth travels to England in August  Highslide JS
    Elizabeth travels on the S.S. Queen Elizabeth on August 17, 1957, to Southampton, and stays in Datchet. On October 24, she travels to Italy by train, with Renzo. Highslide JS
    Note written on ship on August 17, 1957
    Highslide JS
    Note written on ship on August 17, 1957
  • 1957    line     Highslide JS
    January 1957 - Entertaining at 214 Central Park South. From left to right: Elizabeth, unidentified, Eva Ezri, Simone Ezri, Renzo. Notice the coffee cups: Highslide JS
    The Royal Worcester coffee cups with silver holders were eventually given to the Oxfam shop in Weybridge in June 2013.
    Highslide JS    
    January 1957 - Entertaining at 214 Central Park South. From left to right: unidentified, Elizabeth, Eva Ezri, Simone Ezri.
        1956  arrow line arrow  Age 35 Highslide JS    
    Renzo and Elizabeth on their wedding day.
    More wedding photos: Highslide JS
    Renzo and Elizabeth cut the cake!
    Highslide JS
    Giorgio Tagliacozzo, Elizabeth, John Grothe, Renzo, Piero Milano
    Highslide JS
    Elizabeth & Renzo toasting each other
    Highslide JS
    Elizabeth, Isabel & John Grothe, Dick Chapman, Carla
    Highslide JS
    Unidentified, Carla, Dick Chapman
    Highslide JS
    Renzo, Elizabeth, Dick Chapman, Carla, Jean Ripley
    Highslide JS
    Elizabeth, Dick Chapman, Unidentified, Carla
    Highslide JS
    Elizabeth cutting cake, with Carla in the background
    Highslide JS    
    1956 - Renzo and Elizabeth on their honeymoon at Varadero Beach, Cuba. More honeymoon photos: Highslide JS
    1956 - Elizabeth in Cuba
    Highslide JS
    1956 - Elizabeth and Renzo in Cuba
    Highslide JS
    1956 - Elizabeth in Cuba
    Highslide JS
    1956 - Elizabeth in Cuba
    Highslide JS
    1956 - Elizabeth in Cuba
  • Elizabeth Travels to New York in October  Highslide JS
    Elizabeth travels to New York with Renzo on the Queen Mary, arriving on October 30, 1956.
  • Elizabeth Travels to Southampton in September  Highslide JS
    Elizabeth travels to England some time in in September 1956, then travels to Rome on Sept 30. She leaves Italy on Oct 22, 1956
  • Marries Renzo Nissim on Feb 5, 1956  Highslide JS
    On February 5, 1956, Cicely and Renzo got married at the home of John and Isabel Grothe, who were old friends from Le Vesinet. Renzo had no desire for a church wedding, and he liked the idea of a civil wedding at the Grothe's. Their home was in Weston, Connecticut, and this was John's very first civil union as Justice of the Peace. The guests were Piero Milano & Giorgio Tagliacozzo (old friends of Renzo), Jean Ripley (a colleague from the doctor's office where Cicely worked) and Richard Chapman (Renzo's friend and neighbor) with his girlfriend Carla.

  •   line    
  • Maggie visits Elizabeth in New York    Highslide JS
    1955 - Maggie visits Cicely in New York. See more photos: Highslide JS
    1955 - Maggie visits Cicely in New York. Here she is standing outside Renzo's flat at 214 Central Park South
    Highslide JS
    1955 - Maggie visits Cicely in New York. Here she is standing outside Renzo's flat at 214 Central Park South
    Highslide JS
    This is what the view from 214 Central park South looks like in 2013
  • 1955  arrow line    
        1954    line     Highslide JS    
    Cicely looking glamorous!
    Highslide JS    
    May 1955. Angela Tella's father, Cicely, and Vittorio Coiro
    Highslide JS 
    Cicely on riding expedition in Ireland - July 1953
        1953    line    
        1952    line    
        1951  arrow line arrow  Age 30  
  • Works at Danvers State Hospital,
    Danvers State Hospital, circa 1893
    Danvers, Massachusetts
  • She resides at 6, Newport Rd, Cambridge, Massachusetts Highslide JS
    This address was on a letter containing a "Voice-O-Graph", which was a small metal record about 6 inches in diameter, containing arecorded message from the sender. The postmark is 1950.
  • Cicely's first visit to New York City Highslide JS
    Sunday, March 5th, 1950. Cicely's first visit to to The Big Apple. See back of postcard: Highslide JS
  • 1950


  • Works at Westport Sanatorium,
    The sanatorium was the 2nd use for the majestic building on the corner of the Post Road and North Compo. Built in 1853 for Richard and Mary Fitch Winslow, its original name was Compo House. Today, of course, nothing remains of Compo House or the Sanatorium except asphalt paths. You can see them as part of the 32-acre property, which today we call Winslow Park.
  • 1949    line      
  • Leaves for Boston, USA. She is now known as Elizabeth
  • Stays with John and Isabel Grothe at Kettle Creek Road, Weston, Connecticut
  • 1948    line arrow  Age 27 Highslide JS    
    1948, shortly before Cicely leaves for the USA. Left to right: Brian Harpur, Cicely Myers, John Myers, Marian Myers, Joyce Harpur, Merrily Harpur, Maggie Myers
    Highslide JS
    1948, shortly before Cicely leaves for the USA. Left to right: Joyce Harpur, John Myers, Cicely Myers, Marian Myers, Maggie Myers
        1947    line    
  • Completion of training as Registered Mental Nurse (26 July, 1946)
  • 1946    line      
        1945  arrow line      
  • Psychiatric Nursing training at The Retreat
    The Retreat - main driveway, circa 2009.
    (York) for 2 years Highslide JS
    After the War, Cicely's mother asked her if she wanted to be a doctor, and take up medicine, and Cicely said definitely not, she didn't want to dwell on illness, but on health, and wanted to transmit this message to sick people. She wanted to be a spiritual healer, much like a Christian Scientist. Because of her belief that mental attitude was a very important part of health, she took up psychiatric training for 2 years in a place called The Retreat, in York (Yorkshire), founded by the Quakers. In that period, there was a transition from confinement to medication in these hospitals for the mentally ill, and the Quaker Hospitals pioneered the new methods. Cicely used to take the patients for walks in the gardens. However, she still had to assist many patients receiving electroshock.

    This training proved to be a harrowing experience for Cicely. She became far too attached to the patients, and the emotional strain of dealing with mental illeness made her lose weight, and when she returned home in 1946 she was skin and bones and a nervous wreck! Her mother was very distressed and nursed her back to health.
  • Manages Maggie's small guest house in Windsor (4-5 months)
  • 1944    line      
  • Works as 2nd Matron in girl's boarding school in Welshpool, Wales, for 1 term
  • 1943    line      
        1942    line      
        1941    line arrow  Age 20
  • Father dies, age 62 and 1/2
  • General Nursing training at King Edward VII Hospital,
    King Edward VII hospital, circa 1915.
    Windsor, for 3 years.
  • 1940    line    
  • Battle of Dunkirk Highslide JS
    Edward Dixie was killed in Dunkirk. He was 22, and tall, handsome and dark haired, and Cicely's first sweetheart around 1939. They held hands at a movie once. He gave Cicely her first watch and a necklace.
  • Highslide JS
    Cicely as a young nurse
        1939    line    
  • Edward VIII abdicates (11 Dec.)
  • King George V dies (20 Jan.)
  •         line    
  • Works as a "land girl" in Cornwall
  • Goes to Mrs. Harris's Finishing School in Switzerland Highslide JS
    Left to right: Pat, Ellen, Connie, Tordis, Mechteld, Patsy, Anne, Cicely, Merry, Ursula.
    See more pictures in Switzerland:    Highslide JS
    Villa Rosemary, Geneva, Switzerland, where the "finishing school" school was located
    Highslide JS
    Spring 1939. Monique, Tordis and Cicely.
    Highslide JS
    In her photo album, Cicely describes the natural surroundings as "Just Heaven on Earth"
    Highslide JS
    Left to right: Stella, Ursy, Tordis, Cicely, Pat Deane and Patsy, with Rigolet, the professional tennis player
    Highslide JS
    Picknicking in the boiling sun!
    Highslide JS
    Connie, Cicely and Ellen
    Highslide JS 
    Taken at the same archway at Monnetier, half way up the Seleve during last fortnight
    Highslide JS  
    Cicely ice skating
    Highslide JS
    After going to Windsor State School, Cicely was persuaded to go to Mrs. Harris's "finishing school" in Switzerland. She arrived there in November 1938. There she learned some German, and the desire to perfect her German has remained all her life.

    In Paris, Maggie had met a certain Mrs. Harris by chance, and Mrs. Harris had spoken enthusiastically about starting a "finishing school". Then Cicely got in touch with Mrs. Iuell, who decided to send Tordis Iuell there as well. Cicely used to go jogging when she was there. There, Cicely met Connie and Ellen Bang.

    It turned out to be a wonderful experience, where Cicely made new friends and was awakened to the stunning beauty of the mountains.
  • The family moves to a new house in Datchet called Bryntirion Highslide JS
    View of the house before additions were made. Joseph Myers can be seen leaning against the conservatory.
    Highslide JS
    Bryntirion after the conservatory and balcony were removed
  • 1938    line    Age 17 Highslide JS  
    Cicely age 17. More photos Highslide JS
    Cicely age 17
    Highslide JS
    Cicely age 17. Punting on the river in Datchet with father Joseph.
  • Takes up horse riding, encouraged by Auntie Evie     Highslide JS
    These were the questions of a horse maintenance exam in the 1930s
  • 1937    line    Age 16  
    Cicely, possibly on Auntie Evie's horse Betty
       Highslide JS
  • Goes to Windsor County Girl's School. Highslide JS
    Windsor County Girl's School. Cicely is 4th from the left, next to her sister Joyce.
    Highslide JS
    Cicely went to Windsor County Girl's School in Windsor for 1 year, which she hated, because it was so different to what she was used to in France. She told her parents she wanted to leave school, and they were very understanding. Says Cicely: "I wasn't academic, I didn't want to go to university. I stopped school at 15". She then went to a riding school and learned to ride, and did horse riding for Auntie Evie, giving her horse Betty exercise. She remembers hiring a horse for an hour and riding around Windsor Park "like the Queen".
  • 1936    line    Age 15  
  • The Myers family moves from Paris to Datchet, to a home called Three Ways.
    Three Ways, The Hight Street, Datchet (1935). Maggie Myers standing at front gate.
  • Goes to Quaker Boarding School called The Friend's School
    The Friend's School, in Saffron Walden
    in Saffron Walden for 1 term.

  • 1935    line arrow  Age 14  
      1934    line       
  • Attends Cours Janet, a private school in Le Vesinet, with her sister Joyce    Highslide JS
    Cours Janet, Le Vesinet, France. Cicely is middle row, 3rd from left, Joyce is 7th from left with Mary Excelby on her right
  • 1933 
    arrow line      
  • Margaret Bremner marries Renee Boucher  Highslide JS 
    Margaret Bremner is holding on to her father's arm (Maxted Bremner)
      Highslide JS
    Cicely, Jean, Ellen, Joyce, Marian, Unidentified
  •       line    
  • Home schooling with Mme. Suzanne Caesar Fleury.
    Mme. Suzanne Caesar Fleury, mother of Simone Fleury.
  •    Highslide JS
    Suzanne Fleury, born Suzanne Caesar, was a half German divorcee who ran a little school in her home in Rue de la Fontaine, Le Vesinet. She had two daughters, Simone Fleury and Marguerite "Magitte" Fleury. When Cicely overgrew her strength, and was possibly overburdened by the public school, Maggie arranged for Mme. Fleury to give her private lessons, and she was put in a 2-pupil class consisting of Cicely and Simone, with Mme. Fleury as teacher. They studied French, Maths, and Grammar, and became best friends.

    Sadly, Simone suffered from TB, and when she had her second child she succumbed to TB about 2 years later. She was in her 20s. Not much is known about her partner.
      Highslide JS  
    Simone Fleury is wearing the black blouse. Cicely on far right.
    Highslide JS
    Simone Fleury is wearing the black blouse. Cicely on far right.
    1932    line    
  • Attends Ecole Comunale, Le Vesinet   Highslide JS 
    Ecole Comunale, Le Vesinet, France. Cicely is first row, 1st from left
  • 1931 
    arrow line arrow  Age 10  
  • Participates in a show organized by Mrs. Lumbert   Highslide JS 
    Circa 1930. Cicely is on the far right, and Joyce is 4 to her right. Notice Joseph Myers in the background!
    Highslide JS
    Mrs. Lumbert was a busy-body English woman who organized summer festivals and Christmas dance shows with the children in Le Vesinet. She was like the "queen" of Le Vesinet.
  • 1930    line      
  • Move to Beau Site, 33 Boulevard des Etats-Unis Highslide JS 
    Bueau Site, circa 1928. Joseph, Joyce, Marian and Cicely can be seen sitting on the steps
  • 1929    line    
  • Eric Bremner and Gladys Cuthbertson get married Highslide JS 
    Villa Beau Site, July 1929. Cicely, front row, is a bridesmaid. Mary Exelby (another bridesmaid) on her right.
    Highslide JS 
    Eric and Gladys Wedding, Villa Beau Site, July 1929.
    Top Row, left to right: ? Joseph Myers, Ellen, Lena, Eric, Gladys, Uncle Dick, ?, ?, Gene, ?, ?
    Bottom row, left to right: Auntie Beatrice, Mary Exelby, Cicely, Maggie with Marian, Mrs. Cuthbertson, Joyce, Eric.
  •         line    
      1928    line    
        1927    line    
        1926    line    
  • Attends Gladys Cuthbertson's nursery school
  • 1925    line    
        1924    line    
        1923    line    
  • James Bremner, Maggie's father, dies
  •     1922    line     Highslide JS 
    Cicely, less than 1 year old
    Highslide JS 
    Cicely, less than 1 year old
  • Cicely Elizabeth Myers Highslide JS
    No one quite knows why she was called Cicely, except that it's the name of a herb called 'sweet cicely', and that there was an actress/singer/comedienne called Cicely Courtnedge that she remembers from her youth. Maggie called Cicely "Cicels", and her siblings called her "Cis".
    is born at 76, Avenue Gallieni Highslide JS
    76, Avenue Gallieni, Le Vesinet, circa 1916.
    Highslide JS
     76, Avenue Gallieni, Le Vesinet, circa 1916. Maggie sitting near front door.
    Highslide JS
    76 Avenue Gallieni, circa 1916. Maggie holding first-born John Myers
    Highslide JS
    76, Avenue Gallieni, Le Vesinet, 1928. Cicely, Marian and Joyce in the back garden. The path led to the back garden of Maxted's house in Rue Pasteur. See aerial view.
    Le Vesinet, 2012
    , Le Vesinet, Paris (previously called Avenue du Chemin de Fer), from Joseph Myers
    Joseph Myers - Born: 11 December, 1878 in Leeds, Yorkshire. Died: 18 June, 1941 at Falmouth, Cornwall, age 62 and 1/2. Photo circa July 1932
    and Maggie Bremner
    Maggie Bremner - Born: 6 August, 1895 at Colombes, nr. Paris. Died: 28 March, 1974 in Weybridge, Surrey, age 78 and 1/2. Photo circa 1945

  •   line    
      9 February 1921             arrow line arrow  Age 0
      1920    line arrow  
  • Maggies's mother, Helena Reeve, dies
  •         line    
    Nissim Family Tree