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Elio Nissim

divorce lawyer - collector - bon vivant - raconteur - BBC speaker - bomb survivor - writer - translator.

Hear the story of how Elio met the great composer Giacomo Puccini  

Ascolta un'intervista a Elio di Carlo Feola. Parlano di bastoni, la sua professione di avvocato e il suo lavoro a Radio Londra:  

  Plays Sinopsis  
  La Casa Della Signora Lane
  Moglie e Buoi (1959)
  Appartamento Vendesi

A seller and a buyer are negotiating a miserable one-room apartment in a tower block. The seller is praising its qualities while the buyers is pointing out all its defects. They finally agree on a price and close the sale, after which the positions are reversed. Written at Hayden's Cottage - Oct 1968 (12 pages)
  Sinossi di una commedia in tre atti (May 1976)
(4 pages) Written at Mead House
  Primo sunto per un originale televisivo (3 pages)  
  Due Amici (19 pages)
  La Spaghettata (30 + pages)
  Ricordi Fraterni (4 pages)
  Ricordi di Persone/Il Giuocatore (6 pages)
  Quando (15 pages)

  Ricordi e Divagazioni di un Divorzista (135 pages)
  Cronache di Chissadove (81 pages)  
Un Viaggio a Siena (8 pages)
Il Ritorno del Signor Averardo (22 pages)
Mrs Octavia Malory's Dinner Party (9 pages)
The Montorsoli Case (17 pages)
Miss Jessica Jordan's Dances (13 pages)
A Hare In March (6 pages)
Un Caso Grave (22 pages)
La Signora Minerva (16 pages)
Il Dottor Gaspero (8 pages)
Avvocato Fiorentino (14 pages)
La Spazzola (9 pages)
My Sister Silvia (by Elio and Angela (9 pages)
L'ospite Gradito (11 pages)
Findaro e la Lingua (6+ pages)

         Intervista a Elio Nissim  


     Various portraits of Elio Nissim

Highslide JS
Elio Circa 1950
(4 photographs)
Elio, Florence, 1930
Elio with his walking stick collection
Elio with his walking stick collection

         Elio Nissim at BBC Radio Highslide JS
Elio at the BBC microphone, Bush House, London
(4 photographs)
Elio at the BBC microphone, Bush House, London
Elio at the BBC microphone, Bush House, London
Elio at the BBC microphone, Bush House, London, September 1944